S-TECH 612/616
S-TECH 612/616
S-TECH 612/616
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S-TECH 612/616

For speciality tractors


Bring it on

Your high-value crops demand relentless hard work, precision and uncompromising versatility. The new S-TECH 612 can do it all, no matter the soil, conditions or intensity of the job. It is designed for your fields and your needs so you can do more, better.

NEW! Metal wheels now available for better performance and durability: an increase in load capacity of 25%.

 Type of compatible vehicles : Tractor

Soucy Track Benefits


Our pride, your profit

It is the narrowest track on the market with a ground contact area of up to 340% more than tires of equivalent size. By significantly reducing soil compaction, you automatically improve your yield and therefore your profit. Bring it on, because with our exclusive ultra-resistant rubber reinforced with three layers of wire mesh, these tracks can take it.


Tailored to your measurements

At Soucy, our technology is tailored to your measurements, not ours. Our unique system adjusts to the size of your equipment, from 59’’ to 89’’ (150 to 225 cm). No additional fitting system required.

Perfect match, natural fit

No modifications to your tractor are necessary and our adaptation system makes your machine stronger by adding a subframe, the only such system on the market. Designed specifically for every model of tractor, you get optimal load distribution without interfering with the 3-point hitch.

Compatible vehicles




System dimensions

Trackinch (mm)
A12,0 (305) / 16,0 (406)
B82,0 (2083)
C66.1 (1679)
D42,0 (1067)
E17,0 (432)
F11,0 (279)
Trackinch (mm)
G12,0 (305) / 16,0 (406)
H72.0 (1829)
I53.3 (1354)
J34,0 (864)
K17,0 (432)
L11,0 (279)
Width center in center
De 59 à 89 po. (150 à 225 cm)
Ground contact surface of the complete system*

2628 in2 (1,69 m2) / 3504 in2 (2,26 m2)

Rear track


Front track