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independant of Weather

Soucy Track Benefits

Set your own pace
Dictez votre rhytme
Access your fields at all time
Accès en tout temps
4 seasons
Été comme hiver
Set your own pace

Because of their large footprint, our track systems enable you to do your work when you decide.

  • Better planning : Manage your time and outdoor work more effectively.
  • Independence : Work regardless of weather and ground conditions.
  • Optimum harvest quality : Are your crops ready? No need to wait—harvest when you want.
  • Reduced losses : Limit or avoid losses by harvesting at the right time.
    « In 2011, because of SoucyTM systems, I was able to seed 5 000 more acres than in 2010. »
    - Kent Hanmer, Hanmer Seeds
    Article, The Western Producer
Access your fields at all time

We know how certain field operations can be critical in maximizing your crop yield. That's why we've designed track systems for farm vehicles that will make sure you can easily access your fields at all times without causing damage to your soil. Therefore, you can spray or harvest at key times without worrying about damaging your soil or crops.

Four seasons

An absolute MUST for year-round performance

We've developed a rubber track system that allows you to use your utility terrain vehicle (UTV) all year round. With your needs in mind, we resolved to build the sturdiest of systems with the best possible traction to date. And we got it done. Both in snow and mud, you'll discover great new potential in your vehicle, helping you push past the limits imposed by your tires.

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Agricultural sector