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S-TECH 1000X

For combine harvesters


Harvest with complete confidence

Our combine harvester systems have been designed to preserve the integrity of your land, no matter the weather conditions. With the best ground contact surface on the market, the S-TECH 1000X offers a reduced ground pressure and increases your flotation by 12.5%, compared to previous models. You will be able to harvest when your crop is ready, regardless of ground conditions.

New combine harvester track system was designed to give farmers more time to do what really matters: get your crop out of the field. Oil-bathed hubs eliminate daily greasing and maintenance requirements, and the streamlined design of the system facilitates debris removal and thus cleaning time. The transport speed has also been increased by 6%, to reach speeds up to 28 km / h (17.5 mph).

Harvest with confidence with the new S-TECH 1000X, the tool that works in harmony with your know-how to help you protect your soil while maximizing your harvest.

 Type of compatible vehicles : Combine harvesters

Soucy Track Benefits


S-TECH 1000X system adaptability

The S-TECH 1000X track system is designed to be adapted to most combine harvester models. Use these dimensions to verify:

  • That there is no interference between the track system and the combine harvester.
  • That the header and the conveyor do not interfere with the track system.

Compatible vehicles

This track is compatible with most of the combine harvester. Refer to our technical document Soucy Select or contact us to determine if this product will work on your vehicule.


System dimensions

Trackinch (mm)
A36 (914)
B130 (3308)
C69 (1767)
D40 (1016)
E28 (711)
F14 (368)
Trackinch (mm)
Width center in center
Ground contact surface of the complete system*

6826 po2 (4,4 m2)