S-TECH 800
S-TECH 800
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S-TECH 800

For high-power tractors



As a world leader in track systems, Soucy Track’s number one priority has become to give farmers an uncompromising product that pushes the limits of every rubber track system on the market. With the new S-TECH 800, we’ve raised the bar, bringing every single detail to new levels of performance evolution, providing power, agility, and endurance in the fields… and upping user profit.

 Type of compatible vehicles : Tractor

Soucy Track Benefits


S-TECH 800 - puissance. Agility. Endurance. Profit

Soucy Track has made a business of redefining standards for agricultural track systems. The New S-TECH 800 offers unparalleled performance, raising the bar to meet the needs of even the toughest farmers.


The best rubber track in the market

Rubber track is what matters most and ignites our pride. Entirely redesigned, molded built with our exclusive rubber formula and four layers of Fleximat, it offers the most traction, comfort and endurance you'll ever want.

Control, traction, comfort

With the S-TECH 800, you'll be invincible yet still in absolute control of every detail on the ground, thanks to the exclusive technology in our independant lateral tandems, oversized wheels and dynamic tensioner, all of wich provide you with constant ground contact, optimal traction, flotation and comfort, simultaneously reducing rolling resistance, heat generation and fuel consumption.

Compatible vehicles




System dimensions

Trackinch (mm)
A32,0 (813)
B94,0 (2388)
C74,0 (1880)
D45,7 (1162)
E23,0 (548)
F13,0 (330)
Trackinch (mm)
G25,0 (635)
H80,8 (2052)
I59,0 (1499)
J37,2 (945)
K19,0 (483)
L11,0 (279)
Width center in center
Ground contact surface of the complete system*

8142 po2 (5,25 m2)

Rear track


Front track