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Grooming Accessories

Dozer Blade

Technical specifications

No need to worry about excessive loads

The dozer blade attachment design protects your tractor from excessive loads with a beam that transfers thrust to the rear axle. So you don’t have to worry about the heavy snow loads you’ll need to push with your dozer blade.

Complete all your tasks

The Soucy dozer blade is designed to fill in ditches, groom curved trail sections and clear snowdrifts. It helps you groom with precision in any conditions. No job’s too hard for the dozer blade.

Use it on all types of trails

Available in two widths and with six blade angles, this accessory can accommodate all trail types. You’ll get more done and provide better working conditions for your members.

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Technical specifications

Dozer Blade

Dozer blade width
2 743 and 3,099 mm108 and 122 in
Dozer blade height
812 mm32 in
Length of dozer blade with attachment
1,689 mm66.5 in
Length of dozer blade with beam
4,553 mm179.25 in

Support and FAQ

How do I install the dozer blade on my tractor?

The dozer blade attachment is installed on the front of the tractor. Once the attachment has been installed, add the beam and the dozer blade. Remember that you can remove the dozer blade without removing the attachment. You will find detailed explanations for each of the steps to follow in the Soucy User Guide.

On which tractor models can I install the dozer blade?

The dozer blade can be installed on several tractor brands and models. However, it is important to note that you cannot install a dozer blade on your tractor if you do not have a track system.

Can I drive on roads with the dozer blade?

The dozer blade is not designed for snow removal from roads, but for trail maintenance. However, you can drive on roads with the dozer blade installed if it is not lowered.

Does the dozer blade come with a warranty?

All new dozer blades sold by an authorized dealer are covered by a warranty. Details on the warranty and registration procedures for your dozer blade can be found in your Soucy User Guide.

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