Industrial track systems

Work confidently, in any situation

Get new performance standards

Better traction

Regardless of the angle of the slope or the type of terrain, track system traction is optimal.

Greater comfort

Reduce operator fatigue through more comfortable driving.

Better load capacity

Pull heavier loads thanks to the large contact area of the tracks providing better traction.


Rubber recipe proven in over 50 years of use in powersport, industrial, defense and agricultural vehicles.

Our Rubber Compound expertise

Lighter wheels provide better loading capacity.

Our UHMW-PE expertise

Characteristics customized for your use, resulting in excellent performance.

Our expertise in Tracks and track systems

Rubber track molded in one piece, not assembled.

Our expertise in Tracks and track systems

Parts molded and machined by Soucy, custom designed for track systems.

Our Foundry expertise

Lighter and more durable UHMW-PE wheels with chemically welded rubber sheet.

Our UHMW-PE expertise

Our technologies

More than 100 engineers, designers and specialists work together to create high-performance track systems that meet your needs.

Solutions for OEMs

We have experience with large-scale projects. Our multidisciplinary team collaborates in product development for manufacturers.