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Our expertise is based on more than 50 years of experience

Innovating, going further, doing more, doing better and pushing our limits is what motivates our multidisciplinary team.

The involvement of our multidisciplinary teams

For each product development project, our engineers, designers, chemists and other Soucy experts will share their knowledge and creativity with you in a spirit of collaboration.

Let’s raise the bar together

You know your product better than anyone. By combining your knowledge with the expertise of our track system design team, together we’ll create products that meet all your expectations.

Our process guarantees consistency and quality

  • Research

    Definition of the product as a whole: objectives, specifications, uncertainties and brainstorming.

  • Proof of concept

    Elimination of uncertainties with simulations. Validation of the choice of concept. Design of the first prototype or model.

  • Development

    Prototype improvement through performance tests. Validation of results. Creation of manufacturing plan.

  • Product validation

    Confirmation of durability with physical tests. Revision of production aspects according to requirements.

  • Production validation

    Integration of all elements of production for the final version of the product. Verification of production operations and operational objectives.

Over 100 engineers, designers and track system experts are at your service to create optimal solutions


Throughout the entire process, you’ll have proof of the performance of your track system.


Our approach is flexible. Our team will adapt to your needs. We can collaborate from the conceptualization phase of your project or from the time you have drawings available.


Innovation and the development of new products are our strengths. Thanks to our agile multidisciplinary teams, communication is easy and effective.

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From understanding your needs to production, our team will support you in the product development process.