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About Us

Founded in 1967

Soucy has over 50 years of experience in the development, design and manufacture of rubber tracks for industrial, recreational, agricultural and defense vehicles.

Founded in 2005, Soucy-Track has provided a range of aftermarket track systems specifically designed for agricultural machinery and vehicles.


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High-Quality Products

To maintain the highest quality standards, Soucy controls all stages of track system production, from the raw material to final assembly. All design technologies are developed by Soucy’s experts.

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Collaborative Ingenuity

For each track system, more than 100 experts have worked as a team to develop an innovative product that meets user needs and exceeds industry expectations.

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Around the World

Our track systems are used on all continents. Farmers, sportspeople, workers and soldiers around the world enjoy the advantages of our products every day.

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— Gilles Soucy, Founder