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Track system for tractors


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Protect your crops

Using the S-TECH 600R increases your tractor’s ground clearance by 150 to 350 mm (6 to 14 inches), allowing you to move around the rows when you need to without damaging your precious plants during operations.

Strengthen your tractor

Our system strengthens your tractor without generally needing to make any changes, thanks to the addition of a subframe. It is a unique feature in the industry. Designed specifically for each tractor model, you get optimal load distribution, without interfering with the 3-point hitch system.

Enjoy greater freedom

The S-TECH 600R’s metal wheels increase the track system’s performance and durability. You can thus increase your load capacity, reducing unnecessary trips to and from the field.

Access your fields whenever you need to

The S-TECH 600R has narrow tracks and provides a larger contact area than a flotation tire. This feature provides a footprint up to 4 times greater than tires of an equal width, increasing flotation and allowing you to operate despite wet conditions.

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Technical specifications


Rear track width
305 and 406 mm12 and 16 in
Overall length of the rear track
2,085 mm82 in
Overall height of the rear track
1,679 mm66 in
Height of the rear track pivot axis
1,054 mm42 in
Rear tension wheel diameter
432 mm17 in
Support wheel diameter
279 mm11 in
Front track width
305 and 406 mm12 and 16 in
Overall length of the front track
1,839 mm72 in
Overall height of the front track
1,348 mm53 in
Height of the front track pivot axis
863 mm34 in
Front tension wheel diameter
432 mm17 in
Support wheel diameter
279 mm11 in
Approximately 7,725 and 7,920 lbs / 3,415 and 3,595 kg
Transport load capacity
Up to 29,800 lbs / 13,100 kg
Maximum transport speed (with a transmission of 40 km/h)
28 km/h / 17.4 mph
Load capacity in the field
Up to 35,500 lbs / 16,100 kg
Total ground contact area
1.70 and 2.27 m2 / 2,640 and 3,520 in2
For the set of 4 tracks

Support and FAQ

How do I install the S-TECH 600R on my tractor?

Generally, no changes are required to install the S-TECH 600R on your tractor. The track system can be installed using adapters designed for each type of tractor. No special tools or lifting equipment are required. You will find detailed explanations for each of the steps to follow in the Soucy User Guide. S-TECH 600R installation time is approximately 16 hours.

On which tractor model can I install the S-TECH 600R?

The S-TECH 600R can be installed on multiple tractor brands and models, from 75 to 250 HP. Adapter kits are available for most tractor brands. Use the compatibility tool to confirm that the track system can be installed on your tractor.

How often should I service the S-TECH 600R?

No daily maintenance required on the S-TECH 600R.  With the new axles using oil bath hubs, you no longer need to grease the axles daily or weekly. Just change the oil once a year or after 500 hours of use. One grease zerk per undercarriage requires lubrication every 25 hours.

Can I drive on the road with the S-TECH 600R?

Track wear is affected by the load and the time spent on the road or hard surfaces. To maximize the S-TECH 600R’s performance and minimize track wear, adjust the tractor ballast to ensure a weight distribution of approximately 40% on the front axle and 60% on the rear axle.

Does the S-TECH 600R come with a warranty?

All new S-TECH 600Rs sold by an authorized dealer are covered by a warranty. Details on the warranty and registration procedures for your track system can be found in your Soucy User Guide.

What is the life span of the S-TECH 600R?

The life span depends on track system maintenance, compliance with best practices and soil type, but the hydraulic tensioner and proven rubber recipe reduce track system wear. You will find all the information you need to maximize the life span of your S-TECH 600R in your Soucy User Guide.

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