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Ice Studs

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Ice Studs

Ice track stud kit to install on S-TECH 600GX tracks. Studs are mounted directly onto the track for more traction and better performance on trails.

How to buy

Call us +1 (843) 259-3942

Technical Specifications
A Stud circumference 22.2 mm
B Stud length 51.2 mm
C Stud head width 13.1 mm
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How do I install the studs on my track system?

There’s a specific way to mount the studs for optimal performance. You’ll find detailed explanations for each of the steps to follow in the Soucy User Guide.

On what track systems can I mount the studs?

The only track system on which studs can be mounted is the S-TECH 600GX for trail maintenance.

Can I drive on the road with the studs?

The studs should be used on trails only. It’s not recommendable to use them on roads, since studs are used for better traction when maintaining trails.