Growing green onions with a tracked tractor

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— Jean-Christophe Barbeau, owner of Terres Maraîchères Barbeau

My name is Jean-Christophe Barbeau, and I'm the owner of Terres Maraîchères Barbeau, a 400-acre farming operation. Our main crop is green onions, and our commitment to quality is reflected in every aspect of our work. Every day, we work hard to produce top-quality harvests, while putting everyone's enjoyment first.

We opted for a track system rather than tires for reach and to reduce soil compaction, which is very important for maintaining the health of our soils and crops. We chose the Soucy track system because of their expertise and the quality of their products.

We installed the S-TECH 600R on our John Deere 6110R for spraying and harvesting operations. Thanks to the Soucy tracks, we've increased the yield of the plants on either side of the tracks by 50%, thanks to the reduction in rutting caused by the tires.

What's more, we're not the only farmers in the region to recognize the benefits of Soucy tracks. I know of at least three other farmers who also use them with satisfaction.

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