Interview with a user of our track system for self-propelled sprayers

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— Eric Hasler, user of our S-TECH 7016

We talked to Eric Hasler, a user of our S-TECH 7016 track system for self-propelled sprayers. Here are a few segments from our interview.

Since when your JD 4038R is equiped with Soucy track system? 
We started the lease on the sprayer in 2015 which is when we got the tracks for it.

Why did you choose Soucy Track system?
Honestly you guys were the only ones that could be put on a John Deere sprayer. We run Hagie but there was no system for them at the time.

What was the features of the kit that was the more advantageous for your use? 
The floatation aspect of it was the reason we went this way.  We want to be in the field earlier and not have to wait long after it rains.

According to you, why do you think by putting Soucy Track system you increase your performance on the field?
It will allow less fatigue on the operator and equipment for the most part.  Driving down the road is the devils advocate to that since it is very rough on black top roads.  We want to be able to get to the field when we want and not have to wait a long time after rain events.

What do you think about the future of the AG farm who use track system? 
I think the access of tracks for the ag industry would help with farmers getting into the fields a little sooner and allow them to not compact their soils since equipment doesnt seem to be getting any smaller.