Tracked self-propelled sprayer for higher yields

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— Potato farm owner in Alberta

At our farm, we rely on efficient equipment to maximize our potato yields.

We opted for a track system over tires for our self-propelled sprayer because of the ability to ride over rows and create tramlines. The track system increases ground clearance to protect our crops, but also increases the spraying boom stability, for a better spray coverage.

We decided to buy a Soucy kit because we knew they produce quality products. Plus, their kit was compatible with our John Deere sprayer. We are satisfied with the purchase of the S-TECH 7016 because whatever the conditions, we can confidently drive and spray through our fields without the fear of getting stuck. This means we can follow our spraying schedule to maximize our yield.

We are so satisfied with the quality and flotation of their tracks that we plan to buy a Soucy track system for our utility terrain vehicle (UTV). With Alberta's weather conditions, tracks for our UTV will be very beneficial.