Facing muck soil with track system

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— Robert Arcand, owner of Fermes Farnham

Cultivating muck soil fields represents an additional challenge for farmers, as muck soil retains water longer than other soil types. In addition, these fields can compact more easily, especially if the soil is worked when it is wet. To reduce soil compaction and work when the soil is soft, tracked systems become a very attractive choice for farmers operating on muck soil.

We interviewed Robert Arcand, owner of Farnham Farms, an 800-acre onion farm. Robert faces many challenges due to muck soil, and he has equipped himself with track systems to face these challenges. Here is a summary of our conversation:

What makes your farm unique?
We are a family business that has been producing quality onions since 1956. We are now in our 5th generation of farming.

Why did you choose to buy a track system rather than tires?
We operate on black soils that require a lot of flotation to cultivate. The Soucy tracks give us the opportunity to get the job done for earlier planting and harvesting when ground conditions are not optimal.

Why did you choose to buy a Soucy track system?
Soucy track systems are adapted to my soil conditions and the work I have to do. The ground clearance is excellent and traction is better in the field.

What types of operations do you use your track system for?
We use our tractors with track systems for tillage and harvesting.

What results have you seen in the fields since installing your Soucy track system? 
The use of tracks allows us to go out into the field to harvest in extreme conditions like last year.

On what type of equipment have you installed a Soucy track system?
We have an older model on our John Deere 8270R tractor and S-TECH 600Rs on our John Deere 6130R and 6120R tractors. In addition, we have a track system that has been modified with Soucy parts to allow installation on our Hardi sprayer.

At Soucy, we are proud to make products that help farmers like Robert face challenges and constantly improve their efficiency.

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