Optimizing field crop operations

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— Tom Lachenmeier, owner of Lachenmeier Farms

I'm Tom Lachenmeier, owner of Lachenmeier Farms. We grow corn, soybeans, oats and alfalfa on over 4,000 acres.

In 2019, adverse weather conditions prevented us from harvesting our crops, leading me to explore alternatives to traditional tires. I opted for a ST-1000 (S-TECH 1000X previous model) combine track system to ensure we could navigate challenging terrain and harvest regardless of weather conditions. Additionally, with the acquisition of a heavy planter requiring more contact area, investing in a S-TECH 012P planter track system was a logical choice.

Choosing Soucy tracks was an easy decision. They are the leading manufacturer of track systems for Case IH planters. Their team provided exceptional service and made the process seamless, further solidifying our confidence in them.

Our track systems have become essential for planting and harvesting, as they allow us to maximize the capacity of the planter tank and plant acres that were inaccessible with tires. Plus, they enable us to harvest at the right time, whatever the weather conditions.

Looking ahead, we're planning to invest in more Soucy tracks for additional equipment, including another Case IH planter and possibly a John Deere sprayer. Without a doubt, we'll continue to rely on Soucy to optimize our operations and ensure the success of Lachenmeier Farms in the years to come.

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