Tilling and harvesting with a tracked tractor

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— Jean Sébastien Dulude, owner of Alcaro Farms

As the owner of Alcaro Farms, located in the Montérégie region of Quebec, I'm proud to share my experience with a Soucy track system. The system is installed on our John Deere 6155R tractor, used for harvesting and tilling. Our farm covers 900 acres where we grow a variety of crops, including cabbage, Italian tomatoes, corn and soybeans. What sets our farm apart is our commitment to packing and packaging our vegetable crops directly in the field.

When we decided to invest in a track system, we opted for this solution in order to increase our traction capacity and limit soil compaction when we repeatedly go over the same areas. Soucy was the obvious choice for several reasons. Firstly, the proximity of parts and service was very important to us. What's more, we were convinced by a demonstration given by our local dealer before making our purchase. The Soucy team was also very present and accessible, which reinforced our confidence in our choice. For these reasons, we purchased the S-TECH 600R, a narrow track system ideal for vegetable crops.

Since installing the Soucy track system on our John Deere 6155R tractor, we've seen a big improvement in efficiency. Not only has it enabled us to eliminate the need for a second tractor to tow the tomato packing line, but it has also given us the opportunity to do tillage work in conditions where a tire-equipped tractor would have been limited.

I know there are a few farmers in our area who also use Soucy track systems, which is a testament to their efficiency and reliability. For our part, we are seriously considering the purchase of other Soucy track systems, notably for our John Deere 6110R tractor. All in all, our experience with the Soucy tracks has been extremely positive, and we are convinced that it will continue to improve our productivity and profitability in the long term.

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