Combine harvester track system in wet conditions

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— Owner of a Canadian Prairie farm

We operate on a vast expanse of 10,000 acres located in Saskatchewan, primarily cultivating pulses and cereals. One of the defining features of our farm is that it's located in the Prairie Pothole region, presenting us with unique challenges.

In our quest for innovation and efficiency, we made the decision to invest in a track system for our equipment. With our expansive acreage, minimizing soil compaction is paramount to ensure optimal crop health and yield. We chose Soucy tracks after hearing good reviews about their performance and reliability in similar farming environments.

Since installing the S-TECH 1000X on our combine, we've witnessed remarkable results. The reduction in soil compaction has been noticeable, leading to improved soil structure and enhanced plant emergence. This has translated into healthier crops and ultimately, increased yields.

The decision to outfit our combine with Soucy tracks has been instrumental in our pursuit of sustainable and profitable farming practices. We're thrilled with the tangible benefits we've experienced and look forward to exploring further enhancements to optimize our operations.

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