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A versatile track system for year-round trail maintenance.

  • Intuitive tractor operation
  • Offset your ownership costs with excellent resale value and more potential buyers
  • Comfortable, stable and easy driving for operators
How to buy

Installing the track system is fast and easy. You are still free to go back to tires at any time, depending on your needs. Plus, the S-TECH 600GX is the only proven 4-season track system on the market, allowing you to start and continue work at the beginning and end of each season.

The excellent flotation of the S-TECH 600GX makes it easy to surface trails even in heavy snow, storms or strong winds. The long track footprint provides a larger ground contact area, resulting in optimal traction at all times. You will be able to drive up the steepest slopes and pull heavier grooming machines.

By opting for the S-TECH 600GX, turns are easier to handle. You can count on precise, stable and easier driving. Less-experienced operators will find driving simple and intuitive.

S-TECH 600GX | Redefining trail maintenance with the S-TECH 600GX and New Holland (

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Technical Specifications
A Rear track width 635 and 762 mm
B Overall length of the rear track 2,108 mm
C Overall height of the rear track 1,600 mm
D Height of the rear track pivot axis 1,016 mm
E Rear tension wheel diameter 483 mm
F Support wheel diameter 279 mm
G Front track width 635 mm
H Overall length of the front track 1,829 mm
I Overall height of the front track 1,295 mm
J Height of the front track pivot axis 838 mm
K Front tension wheel diameter 483 mm
L Support wheel diameter 279 mm
Weight Approximately 10,492 lbs / 4,760 kg
Transport load capacity Up to 29,300 lbs / 13,200 kg
Maximum transport speed (for a tractor with a transmission of 40 km/h / 24.8 mph) 22 km/h / 14 mph
Load capacity in the field Up to 34,000 lbs / 15,500 kg
Total ground contact area 2.97 and 3.28 m² / 4,600 and 5,080 in²
*For the set of 4 tracks
Is it possible to climb steep slopes with the S-TECH 600GX?

Yes, the S-TECH 600GX is designed to enable tractors to climb steep slopes, thanks to its large ground contact area and optimal traction. In addition, accessories such as a traction kit and ice studs are available to face extreme conditions.

How do I install the S-TECH 600GX on my tractor?

No changes are required to install the S-TECH 600GX on your tractor. The track system can be installed using adapters designed for each type of tractor. No special tools or lifting equipment are required. You will find detailed explanations for each of the steps to follow in the Soucy User Guide. S-TECH 600GX installation time is approximately 16 hours and we recommend that it be done by two people. Accessories require additional installation time.

On which tractor models can I install the S-TECH 600GX?

The S-TECH 600GX can be installed on multiple tractor brands and models, from 100 to 225 HP. You’ll find compatible models in the compatibility tool.

How often should I service the S-TECH 600GX?

With the new axle design using oil bath hubs, you no longer need to grease the axles daily or weekly. Just change the oil once a year or after 500 hours of use. We also recommend that you clean your track system frequently to avoid significant build-up of debris in the undercarriage.

Can I drive on the road with the S-TECH 600GX?

Track wear is affected by the load and time spent on the road. To maximize the S-TECH 600GX’s performance and minimize track wear, adjust the tractor ballast system to ensure a weight distribution of approximately 40% on the front axle and 60% on the rear axle.

Does the S-TECH 600GX come with a warranty?

All new S-TECH 600GXs sold by an authorized dealer are covered by a warranty. Details on the warranty and registration procedures for your track system can be found in your Soucy User Guide.

What is the life span of the S-TECH 600GX?

The life span of the S-TECH 600GX depends on track system maintenance, compliance with best practices and the type of soil. You will find all the information you need to maximize the life span of your S-TECH 600GX in your Soucy User Guide.