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Track system for trailers ST-032

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Track system for trailers


Technical specifications

Be more productive

With the increased flotation provided by the ST-032 compared to tires, you’ll be able to fill your grain trailer or seed hopper to full capacity without running the risk of getting bogged down or damaging your soil. By reducing the number of trips to and from the field, you can finish your work faster!

Increase your load capacity

For increased load capacity, with the HD option, the ST-032 can reach a load capacity of up to 41,000 kg (90,000 lbs) using a stabilizer bar connected to the trailer axle.

Protect your soil despite difficult conditions

The ST-032 has a total contact area of 4.09 m2 (6,336 in2). This is a significant advantage over the use of tires. The track system reduces the pressure exerted on the ground by your trailer and reduces compaction.

Make the most of its versatility

The ST-032 is easy to install. It was designed to fit several types of trailers and equipment. Good news: You can use it on your planter in the spring and on your grain trailer in the fall!

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Technical specifications


Track width
813 mm32 in
Overall length
3,424 mm135 in
Overall height
1,449 mm57 in
Pivot axis height
969 mm38 in
Rear tension wheel diameter
711 mm28 in
Support wheel diameter
483 mm19 in
Approximately 4,600 lbs / 2,100 kg
Transport load capacity:
Up to 30,000 lbs / 13,600 kg
Maximum transport speed:
40 km/h / 25 mph
Load capacity in the field:
Up to 90,000 lb / 41,000 kg, maximum speed of 12 km / h (7.5 mph)
Total ground contact area:
4.09 m2 / 6,336 in2
For the set of 2 tracks

Support and FAQ

How do I install the ST-032 on my trailer?

ST-032 installation does not require any changes to your trailer.  The stabilizer bars on the HD version require the welding of mounting plates on the trailer axle. You will find detailed explanations for each of the steps to follow in the Soucy User Guide. ST-032 installation time is approximately 2 to 3 hours. Installation by at least 2 people is recommended to facilitate the work. Allow a track tension and tracking adjustment time of approximately one hour.

What models of trailer are compatible with the ST-032?

ST-032 can be installed on Brent, Elmer's, Killbros, J&M, Parket, Seedhawk, Unverferth trailers.

Are there different adapter configurations for my trailer?

There are two models of adapter plates for installation on standard-sized hubs. These plates are interchangeable.

Does the ST-032 come with a warranty?

All new ST-032s sold by an authorized dealer are covered by a warranty. Details on the warranty and registration procedures for your track system can be found in your Soucy User Guide.

What is the life span of the ST-032?

The life span depends on track system maintenance, compliance with best practices and the type of soil. You will find all the information you need to maximize the lifespan of your ST-032 in your Soucy User Guide.

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