4-tracks tractor for grooming: the club ASAN adopted the solution

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— Alain Laprade, president, and Jean Laliberté, vice-president, of the ASAN club

The ASAN snowmobile club located in Quebec has been using a Soucy track system to groom the club's trails for many years. Several reasons motivated this choice such as the versatility of the track system as well as the excellent resale value that the tractor keeps afterwards. Discover how this snowmobile club lives its trail maintenance experience with a 4-track tractor.

When the ASAN club made the switch to a Soucy track system, the main reason was to stop modifying the tractor. In the past, the club had been using other track systems and several modifications had to be made for installation, including cutting the cab doors. Then, when the time came to change the tractor, other than going back to snowmobile trails at other nearby clubs, there was no other solution. Whereas with a Soucy track system, the tractor can be used in the agricultural field simply by putting back wheels. "With the Soucy kits, what's great is that you remove the tracks and put the wheels back on, then you can go back to the farm market and you have an added value for the machinery you want to renew. ", affirm Alain Laprade, president, and Jean Laliberté, vice-president, of the ASAN club.

A 4-season track system, an asset for the snowmobile club
Another advantage that has won over the ASAN club is that the S-TECH 600GX track system can be used all year round. Due to climate changes, the wood may freeze less quickly at the beginning of winter. The operator has to go around the wood and take the road, but the versatility of the track system also allows the operator to use the road as needed without having to worry about damaging the tracks. "If a ditch with water has broken through, you don't want to break the equipment, so you use the road. ", which the club couldn't do with its previous track systems.

Designed to brave the extreme winter conditions
Soucy is always looking to innovate and make its products more efficient. The rubber used for the S-TECH 600GX track system is proven for extreme winter conditions. In order to increase their durability, the inner and outer layers of the track are made from an improved rubber recipe that allows for longer life and better flotation as well.

In almost 10 years, more than 100 snowmobile clubs in the United States and Canada have chosen a 4-track solution to groom their trails. This number continues to grow year after year, because a durable and reliable system that allows clubs to reduce their purchase and maintenance costs and to use their equipment year-round for different jobs can't help but be popular!

What is your snowmobile club waiting for to make the change?

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