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— Patrick, tractor operator for Sainte-Marie Snowmobile Club

We recently had the chance to explore the beautiful regions of Quebec, meeting passionate snowmobile riders. We stopped at the Ste-Marie Snowmobile Club in Beauce, which has been using a Soucy track system on their trail groomer since 2022. Despite the freezing cold of this February day, we were warmly welcomed by Patrick, who has been a surface operator for the club for many years. He took the time to answer our questions and share his experience and passion for this winter sport.

Becoming a trail operator
When we asked Patrick what motivated him to put in long hours operating a tractor to groom the trails, he mentioned the social aspect as the primary element. For him, it was important to be involved in this practice of a sport he loves. He is part of the executive team and is directly involved in the operational decisions of the snowmobile club.

The Soucy Difference
When it came time to shop for a new system for trail maintenance, many devices were considered. In the end, the Soucy S-TECH 600GX was chosen as the solution, mainly due to its versatility and ease of switching between wheels and track systems offering a variety uses that goes beyond snowmobile trails.

Furthermore, Soucy’s four-season track system is designed to perform in all sorts of extreme conditions, from snow to mud. Patrick pointed out that the system gives the operator great maneuverability of their machine. To quote him: “Anyone who has a regular driver’s license can easily drive a tractor equipped with this track system.” This feature makes the S-TECH 600GX particularly attractive for operators looking for a versatile and easy-to-use solution.

A solution to make your operators’ life easier.
Patrick said it takes about fifteen hours to go around the section of trails he is responsible for. That's a lot of time spent in the small cab of their Fendt tractor! So, it was important for the club to pick a track system that was designed to improve the operator's comfort. By reducing vibrations to a minimum, the S-TECH 600GX makes cab driving stable, less tiring, and very comfortable.

Moreover, with the integrated oil baths, maintenance time is greatly reduced. It is now possible to ride for 500 hours without having to do any maintenance, giving you more time to focus on what really matters: perfecting the snowmobile trails!

Best resale value.
We mentioned earlier that it is very easy to switch between the track system and the wheels. This feature provides higher resale value for your vehicle. If you don't find buyers for the track side, you will certainly find a buyer for the wheel side! In addition to all these benefits, Soucy also offers a range of perfectly matched accessories for your machine. Dozer blade, traction kit and studs, you will have everything you need to face winter with peace of mind!

In conclusion, Patrick and the Ste-Marie Snowmobile Club made the right choice by opting for the Soucy S-TECH 600GX track system. This system offers exceptional versatility and maneuverability, while reducing maintenance time and offering optimal operator comfort. Thanks to this system, the Snowmobile Club can now offer superior quality trails to its members and visitors.

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