For more than 10 years, Tri-County Snowmobile Club has relied on Soucy

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— Mark Sertich, Tri-County snowmobile club vice-president

As the snowmobile season comes to an end, we spoke with the vice president of the Tri-County Snowmobile and Off-Road Vehicle (ORV) Club in Michigan, Mark Sertich. The club has been using Soucy track system for trail maintenance for over 10 years. Founded in 1971, the Tri-County Snowmobile Club was fortunate enough to be among the first to test a 4-track tractor in 2008 when Soucy was looking for testers for his new winter track systems.

To this day, the club still uses the same Soucy track system and has replaced some parts to keep it in good condition. Discover their experience with tracks for snow grooming.

Brave the bad weather with Soucy tracks
Soucy met Mark Sertich, the club vice-president, who said his Soucy track system is essential for maintaining their snowmobile trails. “The traction, easy handling and performance make riders love the trails maintenance. The 4-track tractor is the only snow grooming equipement we have that goes up all hills.” The nights are long and insecure for tractor operators on the trail as they work an average of 12 hours non-stop and are prone to bad winter weather. Soucy tracks provide a great deal of safety since drivers rarely get stuck in the snow or in water holes.

A durable track system
Track systems for trail maintenance have undergone several improvements since 2008. Although Mark knows that Soucy now has more efficient track systems that would require much less maintenance, he confirms that he would recommend S-TECH 600GX to other clubs in his county. He takes good care of his Soucy track system in order to keep it as long as possible and according to him, the maintenance of this equipment is very important.

The newest trail maintenance track system, the S-TECH 600GX, offers even more flotation and more traction for all types of trail conditions. When it comes to a combination of traction and flotation, it means optimal performance making it easier to groom the trails, even when there are snowbanks and winter storms. As for weekly maintenance, it's done at a glance of an eye, thanks to the oil-filled axles with transparent covers allowing you to see the oil level.

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