Track systems for grooming

For great performance, even in extreme winter conditions

Get the most out of every dollar invested

Make your tractor profitable

Installing the track system and accessories is quick and easy, allowing you to switch back to tires at any time, to get the most out of your investment.

Increase your efficiency

You can count on optimal performance thanks to their combination of traction and flotation.

Enjoy greater comfort

The tracks adapt to rough terrain for more stable driving in the cabin and greater comfort.

Users’ testimonials

Because trail conditions are their priority, they chose Soucy track systems.

Dhuey Pratt
Association des motoneigistes de l’Île-du-Prince-Édouard

“ How does using track systems help us to recruit volunteers? ”


Characteristics customized for your use, resulting in excellent performance.

Our expertise in Tracks and track systems

Rubber track molded in one piece, not assembled.

Tracks and track systems

Parts molded and machined by Soucy, custom designed for track systems.

Our Foundry expertise

Rubber recipe proven in over 50 years of use in powersport, industrial, defense and agricultural vehicles.

Our Rubber Compound expertise

Lighter and more durable UHMW-PE wheel with chemically welded rubber sheet.

Our UHMW-PE expertise

Lighter wheels provide better loading capacity.

Our UHMW-PE expertise

Our technologies

More than 100 engineers, designers and specialists work together to create high-performance track systems that meet your needs.

Innovation at your service

5 reasons to use a track system to groom your trails

Different options exist on the market to groom snowmobile trails, but Soucy is the only company to offer 4-season track systems for tractors.

4-tracks tractor for grooming: the club ASAN adopted the solution

The ASAN snowmobile club located in Quebec has been using a Soucy track system for many years. Discover how this snowmobile club lives its trail maintenance experience with a 4-track tractor.

The 4-track tractor : a popular solution for trail grooming

The Caribou Snowmobile Club decided to change from a dedicated grooming unit to a 4-track tractor when they saw a demonstration by Mountain Grooming Equipment...

Solutions for OEMs

We have experience with large-scale projects. Our multidisciplinary team collaborates in product development for manufacturers.


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